Veterinary Time Travel series. (Coming soon)

My new venture is a series of books (4 so far) about a veterinarian who time travels back to the mid-1800s. You will not believe where she lands and how she attempts to get back to her family and the 1980s. Along the way she meets fictional and real historical characters of that era. She must learn to care for animals without all the mod cons. The good news is she still rides and fishes.

A young vet time travels from 19801 to 1855 and lands near Virginia city and the Bonanza set ( she thinks) it turns out to be a real place and she deals with the characters of the Bonanza series. It is the time of the gold and silver rush. Then she travels around the country and meets other “western” fictional characters but also some real historical characters.

one of the places she goes is to Woodland California to buy horses for a mining company. The owner of the farm is Dr. Hiram and Jeanette and Merritt who were real people and were famous for their farming and livestock. He was a doctor as well but he made more money out of farming. He happenes to be my great great grand father. We have pictures of him and his house where my grandmother was born.

Other characters include Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. Who was a doctor and  poet. His son OWH jr in in book one ended up being the head of the American Supreme court. The jr will be in book 4 and play a significant roll.

Other people that are prominent are Clara Barton a Civil War nurse who started the Red Cross and Dr. Elizabeth Balckwell who was the first official woman to graduate from medical school and practice with a recognized degree.